Over 91 percent of women struggle with a negative body image which is most often weight related. Nine out of ten women have resorted to dieting while one third of “normal dieters” will morph into pathological dieters.

Unfortunately, diets can have up to a 95 percent failure rate.


When women are unable to achieve their desired look via dieting, up to 40% would be willing to have plastic surgery.

Why are women sold these destructive beauty images? Naomi Wolf says...

“A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience.” - The Beauty Myth, Naomi Wolf

That is right, being ideally thin will consume much of your time, money, energy and success potential. Only 5 percent of women are naturally thin in the way beauty standards have normalized. So, asking the other 95 percent of women to be extremely thin is a way to distract women from financial, professional and social success.

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I say it is time to break up with Body Shame.

Adopt these 7 attitudes and you will start enjoy the body you have.

1. Work with what you have!! Find your assets and play them up.

2. Be flawed and fabulous! Instead of fixing flaws, make peace with them. You will soon learn that not everyone will agree that you look flawed.

3. Don’t wait!! Don’t weight, either. Decide to love your body now - not 20 pounds from now.

4. You can’t please everyone. Some people will not be attracted to you. Let that be ok. You are not attracted to everyone, either, right?

5. You can please someone. Start to notice to who likes you as you are. Spend your time and attention on them.

6. Health and beauty do not go together. You will ruin your health trying to achieve popular beauty standards. Look at the chemicals and toxins in whatever you use to improve your appearance. Your body doesn’t need that.

7. Yes, there is someone more beautiful than you. So what? Do not assume that a woman considered more beautiful than you is happier than you. You don’t know. Coveting her life just robs you of yours.

When you feel low, repeat steps 1 -7. No matter how much you raise your self-esteem, there will always be someone ready to squash it. Don’t worry, just repeat these steps as much as needed.

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Originally posted via Huffington Post.